CCleaner Version 5.50.6911 Free

PC issues resolution software program which cleans your registry and improves PC speed

CCleaner is a great PC cleaning utility. It's so great, it's a shame it can't extend its cleaning to other territories like mopping the floors, doing the dishes, or changing diapers. That's how good its cleaning is.
CCleaner is a very well known and widely used Windows based PC cleaning software program. After its cleaning sessions you'll feel the difference as your PC will work faster, more smoothly, and more graciously.
It's also a great tool for cleaning, optimizing and securing privacy. Using it will enable you to remove unused files, clear up hard disk storage space and restore Windows' speed to its former glory.
One of its most important features is the registry cleaning options provided by it. This feature will enable you to manage your PC registry or to delete unnecessary data from it for different applications or software programs.
Inexperienced users should exercise caution while tampering with registries as they can do more harm than good.
Use this great utility on a regular basis and your PC will be forever grateful!
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